Our Services

We take non-performing accounts, both consumer and commercial, through the entire legal process so as to secure and recover debt on behalf of our clients.

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of legal recoveries from the issuing of summons, the obtaining of judgement through execution stage, with a dual strategy approach through call centre engagement with the intention of collecting and educating the South African consumer of today and tomorrow.

How you benefit from using our services

  • You can rely on the expertise of our attorneys, industry experts and specialists who can recommend the best course of action, given the broader South African economic and legal framework.
  • Our team of experts remains up to date with changing legislation.
  • By outsourcing to Munnik Basson Dagama Inc. you protect your brand.
  • We ensure that you retain your client portfolios by educating and rehabilitating your debtors.

Why use Munnik Basson Dagama Incorporated?

  • Skilled and experienced team.
  • Innovative and dynamic proprietary software that is fully NCA compliant.
  • Focus on recoveries throughout the legal process.
  • End to end service in terms of securing and recovering debt via legal processes.
  • Ability to manage and perform on substantial volume portfolios.
  • Commitment to protect our clients’ brand, regulatory compliance and ethics.
  • Ultimately, we are performance driven and seek to be the pre-eminent provider of legal recoveries, as measured by our superior performance.