ABSA ATM – Step-by-Step User Guide

We have partnered with ABSA to use their ATM network as a channel for our debtors to make payment. This payment method is available to assist our debtors by making payments easier and more convenient for them.

Please note
It is not a requirement to be an ABSA bank account holder.
Also, there is NO cost to make use of this payment method.

This guide will assist you step-by-step:

Prep Steps
Go to the ABSA ATM and press any button on the ATM to get transaction options.
Ensure that your cash and reference number are available for the transaction.


1. Select ‘Scan ‘n Pay’ from transaction menu.


2. Disclaimer page


3. Select Language


4. Select More from Payment Category menu


5. Select Others


6. Select MBD from Beneficiary menu


7. Capture MBD 0278 reference number


8. Capture ID number


9. Capture Name (This is the debtor’s name not details of the one paying – if different)


10. Capture Surname (This is the debtor’s surname not details of the one paying– if different)


11. Enter amount to be paid


12. Proceed to transaction confirmation


13. Processing transaction


14. Transaction receipt


For any queries, you can always contact us on 011 560 6000.

Please note that the images are a merely a representation of each step and accurate at the time of publication.