About us

Our recognised skill and expertise within the legal field of recoveries since 1997, demonstrates our ability to tackle even the most challenging of matters with confidence.

Our value proposition (fondly referred to as our 2 by 4 statement) is:-

To be the pre-eminent provider of legal debt recovery services measured by superior performance, delivered professionally, profitably and sustainably;

By being innovative and driven by skilled and experienced industry specialists leveraging off proprietary collections systems, maximising collections via engagement with debtors through the stages of the legal recovery process offering end-to-end bespoke services in the legal recovery cycle, at the highest levels of compliance, ethics and integrity committed to protecting our clients’ brand;

For large South African credit- and service providers, for their commercial and consumer debt portfolios.

We take pride in the following areas of differentiation:

  • Our top priorities are to always focus on rate of recoveries; accurate reporting and swift and effective query resolution;
  • We have an extensive national footprint throughout South Africa;
  • We are proud of our reputation as a credible legal recoveries specialist;
  • Clients’ and consumers’ information are treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity. We ascribe our success to compliance with legislative direction of The National Credit Act, The Consumer Protection Act, The Protection of Personal Information Act, The Debt Collectors Act (where applicable), and The Attorneys Act.
  • We have a cross section of clients, including large retailers, banking institutions, vehicle financing institutions, lifestyle specialists, public sector institutions and insurance service providers.
  • Our proprietary software, an in-house developed- and supported system, was specifically engineered to support the legal recoveries process.